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Monday, June 26, 2017

~Feathered Nest Pin Book~

Good morning friends! The weekend is behind us..... Time to get our Monday on~   Id like to share a stitch and finish that just "spoke" to me the minute I laid eyes on it.... As a member  of the Stacy Nash Country Sampler Girls Club, when I received the May kit, it screamed summer to me~ The slightly softer color palette, the unique shape and finish and the opportunity to put my Carolina Stitcher spin on things elements were all there....  So, here is my interpretation.....  

 I love the dainty strawberries and the sweet bird...


The oval shape is perfect and the lattice work stitching was a great compliment.... Gentle Arts Carriage Black has beautiful mottling.... Its actually more dark gray's than black...


 Black seam tape is attached to close the book... 

Here is where the Carolina Stitcher spin on things are revealed... I couldn't have the inside remain plain... So I appliquéd a strawberry to push those pins in to... Its a Pin Book after all......

A few French Knots to represent tiny strawberry seeds... A small stem... You get the idea... 

So, if you are a member of this fantastic stitch club through Country Sampler of Spring Green, WI and are interested in my help in finishing, please give a shout out... I am on Facebook and of course, you can email me or comment here on my blog....Perhaps you have another stitch but like the finish style.... I can help you with that also..Just let me know~ 
Make it a great Monday!!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Tonight's picture walk...

All I can say is "Wow!"..... If been a blissful state of a whirlwind friends...... Between it being the end of the school year and a few retirement celebrations.... Lets just say its been very busy around my little corner of the world! Its a bitter sweet feeling knowing I have taught in the classrooms of Southern Pines Primary for the last time after so, so many years! But, with retirement from education affords me the opportunity to spend more time on my Carolina Stitcher business and you guys~ By late 2017 I hope to be offering faster finishing timelines and offering more Carolina Stitcher products~ More to come!!   For now, I will offer this picture walk showcasing your beautiful stitching coupled with my finishing skills.... Enjoy
Carolina Stitcher zipped bag sets are still very popular...
Pears & Strawberries
Stacy Nash 
Sewing bag
Tis Spring
Blackbird Designs
Quaker Handeworke
With thy Needle &Thread
Land of Liberty
With thy Needle & Thread
 And, on a personal note......
Much love to all of you...... Faye

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Today's picture walk

Greetings friends!  I've been a flurry of activity for the last month getting ready for the Primitive Stitchers Society Retreat held in Columbus OH May 4-7. What a display of talented artisans and eager stitchers! Between classes, Merchant Mall and ALL the stitchers there.... It was AMAZING!
I will have more updates of the PSS in the upcoming posts.... 
Lots of Carolina Stitcher Bags were made for the Primitive Stitchers Retreat~ 
Bags and project roll sets were very popular at the retreat.....  
Sampler fabric bags were extremely popular.... (***I saved back some blue fabric and creme with red sampler fabric to make more once I returned home... email me if interested...)    
Scissor lady with fob sold in a set..... will be making more.....
Models were stitched and finished for display as well...These are mine....
Berry Days at Thistle Down Farm
With thy Needle & Thread 
I have plenty of the book boxes and will be finishing this for you! 
Hemp rick-rak edging
Accompanying needlebook with all the special touches...
 PSS Sister Bag
I was able to buy two more distressed cabinets from Teresa's Primitives... I think they look nice on my huntboard...
LeHay Shaker was a new vendor and let me tell you, his shaker products are incredible! I couldnt resist...  
https://www.lehays.com/   Worth looking in to......     I also have a few finishes I've completed for others..... 
Blackbird Designs
Tis Spring 
~Rouching touches~ 
Mary Pepper
Barbara Ana Designs
~cuffed with a bronzed skeleton key~ 
~ fully lined with complimentary fabric~  
As I unpack and settle back in, I will have plenty more retreat photos to post.... Next year the  retreat will be in Lancaster PA.... date to be announced soon~ 
Happy stitching all~ 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ahhhhh... the joys of spring!~ achoo!!

Spring is bursting here in the Carolinas!!! Along with ALL the dreaded yellow pollen~ Soon, perhaps, we will have a hearty shower of rain to knock most of it down... Its always interesting to see the swirls of yellow in the rain water as it flows down the streets.....    Today, I'm sharing a few of my recent finishes.... These are some done for many of you.... Enjoy!!


Parson Brown

Notforgotten Farm


 Up close hand stitching details.... 
Primitive Stitchers Society freebie design by Notforgotten Farm
Padded cushion in fluted tin~ 
Carolina Stitcher kits for this design available at the PSS Retreat in May in Columbus OH
(Kits available to everyone after the retreat....)

Birds of A feather

Frosty the Snowman 


Piped edging and fully lined~


Sisters Three 

Stacy Nash Primitives 

Homespun were perfect compliments.....



 Home Sweet Home 
Littlehouse Needleworks
Carolina Stitcher 12 x 15" project bag with matching 19" project roll
Button Button 
With thy Needle & Thread
Needle Park Flat Fold
I used coordinating wool to match the pretty bird instead of attaching buttons....

Nicely padded so you can park your needles or pins~ 

Littlehouse Needleworks


Joy~Blackbird Designs

Just Cross Stitch magazine Christmas issue 

Just Cross Stitch Christmas issue 

Designer and issue info not provided 

Cute charms adorn almost every ornament I finish....  

This customer has 3 more ornaments to showcase this Christmas~ 

Additionally, I wanted to show my own progress of my Quaker sampler stitch...


Sarah Tatum

Scarlet Letter Samplers

(Progress from my previous blog post)

Another sweet motif from sweet Sarah's young creative mind....

Lots more to be stitched.... I am so loving the journey on this one......

Here's hoping you share smiles, hugs and bright moments with people you love~ 


Always,  Faye